Drinking in School

That’s Julien Altaber of Burgundy foot stomping in his underpants, one of the essential features of “natural wine”….

I have been producing some amount of wind here about wine online for a while, but it is time to take that blustery attitude to the streets.  We are hosting a series of events at Elf to talk about natural wine, that new old method that looks to make wine like wine has always been made without the heavy influence of chemical additives and technological tricks.

“Natural wine” as a subject and a marketing device has been gaining some attention for a while now, but it has no strict definition.  We are opening Elf on Tuesdays in March to discuss the topic and bring the interested up to speed.  And this school is the best kind because you get to drink and eat while in class….

March 8-Natural Wine School will begin session. This will be a general introduction to Natural Wine. We will talk about native yeast, biodynamics and organics, orange wine, the future of wine, sulfur and much much more. We will have 4 wines to taste from producers who we love and who are working naturally. Snacks will also be provided by our talented and inspired chef, Dave Martinez. It will be $25 and if you come to the first session, you get $5 off of any of the next sessions you attend.  RSVP to elfcafe@gmail.com


David DeLaski of Solminer, Biodynamics, Yeast, and Pet Nat all in one…

March 15 (8 PM start time)-We will have a special session with a guest professor, Lou Amdur, whose store, Lou, in Los Feliz is helping Los Angeles expand their palates and imaginations as to what wine can be. We will have a later start time, at 8 PM, and small dishes to accompany the wine selections. $35.  RSVP to elfcafe@gmail.com

March 22-Solminer dinner. Solminer is a husband and wife winemaking team working in Los Olivos with Austrian varietals and their vineyards organically with some biodynamic practices. We’re excited to have them in the restaurant pouring some of their wines and we will have accompanying dishes. $55  RSVP to elfcafe@gmail.com


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